Portfolio — Staraya Marka

Staraya Marka

Vodka with the Flavour of History

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Packaging design
Product design
Print materials

Staraya Marka is a brand of classical vodka produced according to the recipe dated 1976. It is that earliest so called honest vodka which is so smart to open with the old friends during the long-awaited reunion. Being reliable toward the present consumer the producer intends to expand the beneficiary group by enriching the package with a more expensive elite look with the upgraded easy-to-remember design. Like in old Soviet times when the products quality was regulated strictly by the government, Staraya Marka is still issued as per GOST (the USSR quality mark). And though the vintage spirit is obviously to prevail throughout the new design the image in total is to obtain a stylish and modern look.

The new logo features a complex message containing elements of the USSR times pentacle quality mark, vodka shots silhouettes and sunrays. The whole image is solemnly embraced with a stripe and is honorably given to occupy the highest peak of the label. The inscriptions as well as the counter-label background are coloured stainless steel shades to make the total picture shine and prove its status level. The label’s texture grew more refined and tactile-freindly, while its background obtains natural blue and orange nuances.

Pattern stands to resemble herbal veins to emphasize eco-content idea. Both the Kremlin chimes- and the wheatear-shaped medals confirm the highest quality of the vodka. Delicately-shaped at first sight bottle is completed with a stylized crystal bottom while the crystal tableware used to be extremely popular to symbolize consistency and stable life of every social unit. The company brand name features two retro-styled typesfaces, while the drink category is identified with a sweeping handwriting. All the inscriptions are as readable as they can be to raise further confidence throughout the prospective purchasers. The brand name is additionally engraved on the glass. All the visual updates make the bottle ultimately unique and recognizable even without the label.

Year: 2013
Website: sgalco.ru/staraya-marka